Forceware Comparison, Linux vs Linux, and more!

Hey folks, I've got some news here to start off your week. I'm still a little fuzzy from last night's Red Sox vs Yankees game, so I'll let you enjoy the news while I get some coffee and continue trying to wake up. Enjoy!

Forceware Comparison (71.84 - 75.90 - 76.10 - 76.41) @ Techconnect

"Unfortunately, picking the right set of drivers can be a daunting adventure. There is a lot of choice out there, all of it legit according to its own provider. Manufacturer's drivers are always recommended, but which ones should you pick?"

Intel Dual Core: Pentium EE 840 Arrives @ Legit Reviews

"Today, for the very first time, Intel is letting the media show off the Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840. Legit Reviews has the pleasure of being among the first to use the Intel 955X Express chipset, the I/O Controller Hub (ICH7/R), and the Pentium Extreme Edition 840 processor."

Linux vs. Linux: The Battle for the Desktop @ CoolTechZone

"Linux is an "open-source" operating system that is in the "public domain", meaning that it must be offered free and no company or individual can claim it. Even for the most literate users, experimentation into new areas of computing can be a fun and an interesting challenge; therefore, trying out one of the latest Linux distributions is an excellent way to venture into the world of Unix based operating systems."

PowerColor Radeon X800XL Review @ MVKTech

"One of PowerColor's latest high-end multimedia gaming video processing unit is the new and improved PowerColor X800XL. The model we are going to scrutinize is the R43C-TVD3D. The R43C-TVD3D is the nomenclature for a Dual DVI-I / HDTV / VIVO X800XL, PCI-Express x16, 256bit - 256MB GDDR3, 16 pixel pipeline power house!"

EPoX EP-5LWA+ 925XE @ Viperlair

"While you need to own the incredibly expensive 1066FSB Extreme Edition CPUs to get the most out of it, we see little reason to pickup a 925X based board even if you have an 800FSB CPU. The extra headroom should allow better overclocking as the chipset is validated at the higher speeds, and there isn't much of a price premium between 925X and 925XE boards."

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