Fond Memories: Cool Website Simulates AmigaOS

If you're in your thirties or older, then perhaps you cut your teeth on an Amiga, and specifically the Amiga 500, the best selling model in the series. It was put out by Commodore, and compared to the popular Commodore 64 released in 1982, the Amiga 500 was a big step up. At the heart of the system was AmigaDOS, later renamed AmigaOS, which initially required a Motorola 68000 series processor.

Assuming you ever played on an Amiga, it's probably been several years since you toyed around with one, that is unless you're one of the diehards that have kept the platform alive long after Commodore went bankrupt (in 1994). Be that as it may, if you're looking for a blast to the past, a programmer by the name of The Decibel Kid has put up a website simulating AmigaOS.


According to his Facebook page, The Decibel Kid is an Ipswitch based audiovisual craftsman. He's also a musician, producer, DJ, coder, digital-artist, and vegan-burrito master, as well as the guy responsible for the Ipswich Zelda Map from last year.

On his nifty website, you can change the wallpaper, drag windows around, resize and minimize windows, and more. There's also a drum machine, which is worth a visit to the site all by itself. Seriously.

In any event, get your nostalgic fix and show the kid some love by giving his website a visit.