Trace the Tour de France Route on Street View

From July 5th through July 27th, the Tour de France will be running. I'm not going to be heading over there to watch, and although they'll be plenty of coverage, what if we want take a look at the route from a spectator's view? Google's thought about that, and has provide a Street View of the entire route.

Google's blog post announcing the launch gives us the info:
With this launch, you can now follow the race through each of the 21 stages with just a click of a mouse and enjoy a perspective similar to what your favorite cyclists see as they wind through France's majestic mountains, vivacious cities, and tranquil countryside. The Tour de France route marks our first launch of Street View imagery in Europe, and we're bringing with us some of our newly released features such as ground-filling and face blurring.
Well, it's a good thing they're showing off the face- and license-plate blurring technology (above), as they appear to have a fight on their hands in the U.K. with Privacy International. Still, this is France, not the U.K., and the blurring seems to work quite well. Tempest in a teapot (no pun intended) in the U.K.? We'll see.
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