Fluid Computer To Deliver 10.1" Windows 7 Multi-Touch Tablet By Christmas

Start-up Fluid Computer Systems sure has chutzpah. On Tuesday it declared that it would not only have 1,000 Windows 7, 10.1-inch multi-touch tablets ready for Christmas, but that it would take out the iPad in the process. The first statement seems true enough, the second, highly unlikely.

The Fluid Stream, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-equipped device, will list for $599. If you want 3G in the form of the Fluid Motion, that'll set you back $699, and a couple of months. The Motion won't be available until February. You can pre-order both now and the company promises to refund your money if they don't deliver by Christmas. Such a deal.

Ten inches is big enough not to be spurned by Steve Jobs, who said he considers 7-inch tablets "tweener" devices during his now infamous rant. The diss was aimed at Android competitors, but it managed to nip at HP's Windows 7 Slate tablet, too. The Slate 500 sports an 8.5-inch screen and costs $799. (So why does HP call it the "500" anyway?)

The Fluid device will be cool in that it will run flash-friendly Windows 7, the Home Premium edition with the touch package. A tablet that can natively run Microsoft Office will appeal to a lot of worker types. But we're not sure the hardware specs will be all that: 1GB RAM, 160 GB storage, Intel ATOM Processor, 3-5 hours of expected battery life, and there's not much detail on the multi-touch display except for its size. Sounds a little netbook-y to us.

The Fluid's success will depend on if it lives up to its name and really offer a fluid interface that makes Windows apps scream and seem as cool as an iPad. The company promises to get review units into the hands of testers by November -- so you'll have time to get the inside skinny before making that holiday decision.

Fluid will also offer a $99 add-on package that gains you a Bluetooth connected keyboard, folding stand and HDMI Cable with adapter, so you can stream HD movies from the tablet to any HDMI TV.

The company has big dreams too. Besides knocking out Apple with its first 1,000 units, it hopes to build its own App Center and has other hardware add-ons planned. It is building a "mobility sleeve" that will include a second battery.

This is Fluid's first product. The company also has to face down up-and-comers like the much-leaked MSI 10.1" WindPad 100. The WindPad will be a Windows 7 multi-touch tablet, too, priced better at about $499 and is expected to have better hardware specs. On the other hand, MSI still isn't talking publicly about it, so there's no certainty that it will be here before the holiday season.

Fluid Computer Systems Creates First Windows 7-Based, Multi-Touch Screen Tablet PC, with 1,000 Units Set for Christmas Delivery  - First serious threat to iPad offered at only $599

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Fluid Computer Systems (http://www.fluidcomputersystems.com), a venture-backed tech company specializing in innovative products, is releasing the first mass-market Windows 7 PC tablet and scheduling it for Christmas delivery. Exactly 1,000 of the slate-style multi-touch screen computers, which include a 10.1 inch display, Wi-Fi capability, and Flash-friendly browsing, are available to purchase for $599 at the company's website, http://www.fluidTablets.com. This now gives the consumer an alternative to Apple's slate-style iPad.

"Thanks to the size, shape and Windows 7 operating system of these tablet PCs, there's no longer a need to haul around a netbook or laptop," says Aaron Henry, CEO of Fluid Computer Systems. "One of the major benefits to this tablet is the ability to run office style software. In fact, we will have an Apps Center available in Spring 2011 to enhance these universally compatible Windows 7 based tablets."

The company currently has two different tablets available, the Fluid Stream and the Fluid Motion, but only the Fluid Stream is available for Christmas delivery. The Fluid Motion, the company's mid-range tablet, includes wireless 3G and will be available in February of next year for $699. Though both tablets have full multi-touch screen capability, and offer early customers an ongoing discount on orders from the Apps Center, the company also sells a stylus, portable keyboard and folding stand to enhance the user's experience.

About Fluid Computer Systems

Fluid Computer Systems is the flagship project of Strategy Venture Group, Inc. a California-based technology investment firm.Aaron Henry the President of Strategy Venture Group, Inc. is assuming the position of CEO at Fluid Computer Systems to spearhead its launch. The motivation behind this new Windows 7 tablet computer is to bring mobility and productivity to the large student market at an affordable cost.