‘Flippypad’ Project Ara Controller Concept Turns Modular Smartphone Into A Gaming Device

Even though Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone isn’t a Real Thing just yet (but allegedly will be come January), creative minds are already cooking up intriguing modules and add-ons for the smartphone. One from Samuel Herb, “The Aether Technician”, is a device that attaches to the Ara phone and turns it into a portable gaming system.

Dubbed “Flippypad”, the design concept is a hinged controller that L and R buttons, a D-pad, dual flat joysticks, and ABXY buttons. It could ostensibly also house an extra battery, which would be ideal for sustaining long gaming sessions, and the clamshell shape doubles as a protective case for Ara, too.

Project Ara Flippypad

Such a product makes lots of sense for an Android-based device. There are mountains of Android games available, and a slick controller will make that experience even better.

Of course, like so many ideas swirling around Project Ara, this one is merely a design concept. Herb is looking for someone to partner with to actually make Flippypad; hopefully someone takes him up on it. The Project Ara MDK should help with that.