Flawless Demos Its Wild AI Film Dialogue Manipulation And Language Translation

flawless ai truesync deepfake technology debuts for hollywood
From tweaking Tom Cruise to advancing deepfake detection with Intel, AI manipulation of photo, video, and audio sources is becoming more mainstream daily. Now, one company is taking this tech to Hollywood with the debut of TrueSync, a generative AI tool to change the dialogue in filmed content.

Announced on Twitter earlier this week, TrueSync hails from the team at Flawless, an AI and post-production company based out of London. The tool’s primary purpose is to enable “reshoots” of films without having to call back the cast and crew in full. Thus, if a director wants to change the wording of something or reduce the number of expletives in dialogue, it is easier to do than ever before. Beyond this, TrueSync can also enable visual translations of dialogue or take performances from one take and put them in another.

While this tech is ridiculously cool and can be used in a variety of ways for filmmaking, it also has some scary implications. As replies to the announcement tweet point out, taking what is effectively ‘deepfake’ technology mainstream could further erode trust in media and content online or on television. Other commenters also call out concerns regarding artistic expression being stifled and moral concerns otherwise.

Despite these objections, ‘deepfake’ content has been around for quite some time in various ways and is being combatted just as fast as it comes out. But, of course, these problems also come down to who is in control of the technology, as well as the expectation that people will use critical thinking when viewing any content and corroborating it with other sources.

However, those are fairly lofty expectations given the current social climate. As such, it will be interesting to see how the use of this tech shakes out and how people react to it. In any event, let us know what you think of the use of TrueSync and its implications in the comments below. Is this the end times or just a sign of the times?