Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen Says Birds To Soar Again

Good news, fowl obsessed gamers, the casual game that became a bizarre phenomenon is coming back. We're of course talking about Flappy Bird, the creation of Dong Nguyen, who once revealed his addictive title was generating $50,000 per day through in-game ads. It was that revelation that made his decision to yank Flappy Bird from iTunes and Google Play seem so peculiar in the first place.

By the time this is all said and done, people will be wondering if Nguyen is a marketing genius (Nguyen claims he removed the title because gamers were getting addicted to it). The argument for that is simple -- Flappy Bird is a game that defied the odds and, for whatever reason, became wildly popular. He could have rode the momentum until fickle gamers moved on to something else, but by pulling the game offline, it only became more popular.

Flappy Bird

Now he's teasing a comeback tour, though not right way. Instead, he's slow playing it. In a Twitter post, he answered a question about whether or not he plans to bring the game back.

"Yes. But not soon," Nguyen replied.

I don't think he's intentionally creating market buzz, as some will surmise, but it's certainly happening. If he waits too long, demand will likely wane, but if he times the comeback just right -- and teases a few more Twitter posts -- he could create another ball of momentum and reap the rewards of Flappy Bird becoming a hit for a second time.