Flappy Bird Creator Combines Ninjas And Bouncing Cats For Mobile Meme Mayhem In Ninja Spinki Challenges

The creator of Flappy Birds is back with his latest game, Ninja Spinki Challenges!!, which features kawaii ninjas, bouncing cats, and killer fruits. Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is slightly less simplistic than its predecessor, but just as charmingly infuriating.

Flappy Birds was released on May 24th, 2013 by Dong Nguyen. Nguyen found popular games like Angry Birds to be too complicated. So, he developed Flappy Birds in three days and used a character that he had designed for a platform that had been cancelled. By January 2014, Flappy Birds was at the top of the charts and Nguyen was making roughly $50,000 USD a day. He removed the game from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, because it was an “addictive problem”. 


Nguyen continued to develop games under his company Gears Studio, but mostly remained out of the spotlight. Japanese game maker Obokaidem recently approached Nguyen and asked him to create an IP game. Ninja Spinki Challenges!! was born.

Ninja Spinki Challenges!! incorporates six mini games (Bounce, Shuriken, Crossy, Jump, Rolling, and Cannon) that require a mix of movements. For example, one game has the user swipe horizontally in order to evade and defeat enemies. The endless versions of each level also become subsequently more difficult. Users rack up points and a timer counts down the amount of time a player has left in their level.

list of challenges

The game has already raked in almost 50,000 downloads in its first few days of availability. Ninja Spinki Challenges!! also has nearly 2,000 reviews. All but roughly 300 of the reviewers have given the game 5 out 5 stars. The only real caveat? Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is free, however, it relies upon ads for revenue. A "continue" will appear once the timer has stopped, but only after the user has watched the entire ad.

Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is compatible on all iOS devices and all Android devices on 2.3.3 or higher. You can download it through Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.