Fixstars Boasts Performance And Capacity With Drool-Worthy 6TB SSD In 2.5-Inch Form-Factor

When we reviewed the latest 6 terabyte hard drives at the beginning of the year, we acknowledged that, for all the benefits of solid-state drives, capacity and price-per-terabyte remained in the hard drive’s “pros” column. But with Fixstars’ announcement that it will be shipping 6TB SSDs this summer, solid-state drives are looking even better.

Hard drives still have the lead when it comes to capacity, but at 6TB, Fixstar’s SSD is going to be plenty of storage for many users. The 2.5-inch SATA 6Gbps SSD (model SSD-6000M) has 540MBps / 520MBps read and write speeds, respectively.

The Fixstars SSD-6000M will be the world's first 6TB SSD

“The unparalleled performance of our previous model’s (The SSD-3000M) sequential I/O helped propel our SSDs and garner lots of attention,” said Fixstars CEO Satoshi Miki in a statement. Since our SSD’s capacity is now able to compete with high-end hard drives, we feel our product can draw the attention of data centers as well.”

Fixstar plans to release the 6TB SSD-6000M in July. Unless someone beats Fixstar to the punch, it will be the first to market with a 6TB SSD. The company hasn’t announced the new SSD’s price and probably won’t – it puts the 1TB model at $990, but asks customers to contact it to order the existing 3TB model, so it seems likely that it’ll take the same “if you have to ask” approach with the 6TB version.
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