Clever Gamer Comically Solves GPU Sag By Using LEGO Blocks To Prop Up A GeForce RTX 4090

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LEGOs are great for a plethora of things, such as building cool model trains, determining where exactly your feet are positioned while walking in a dark room, or building a six-foot replica of a GeForce GTX 690. Besides building GPUs, though, did you know LEGOs can be used to help GPUs? One creative Redditor at /r/NVIDIA borrowed some LEGOs from their kids and did just that.

Before the turn of the New Year, Reddit user /u/mallard91 posted a picture of their NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 XLR8 edition from PNY. In this photo, it appears as though they used two stacks of roughly seven LEGO bricks to support their GPU and prevent GPU sag. In this post, they also noted that they “finally found something that LEGOs are good for other than hurting [their] feet.” We have to imagine that happens routinely with their four kids wreaking LEGO-based havoc on the house.

when the 4090 oem sag bracket won’t fit but you’ve got 4 kids
byu/mallard91 innvidia

In any event, this is a clever solution to a fairly common problem that could have nasty side effects. At the beginning of December last year, it was found that PCBs on NVIDIA RTX 4090s were cracking, theorizing that this was due to the weight of the GPUs. This sagging problem is not necessarily new, as was noted with NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2080Ti GPUs in early 2023. Techtuber KrisFix noted that several years of sagging could degrade the solder connections of the VRAM chips near the PCIe connection.

Safe to say, having a saggy GPU is probably a pretty bad thing for the longevity of the graphics card and your computer. Therefore, perhaps you should find some LEGOs to help prop it up and prevent your GPU from taking a dive. It seems to be an effective and budget-friendly solution if you ask us.