Five New TegraZone Games Optimized For Tegra 4 Make Their Debut At MWC

Yesterday, NVIDIA let us know a little more about what we can expect from its upcoming Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i mobile platforms. Today, we're getting another glimpse at what this platform can do with the look at five upcoming games that are optimized for Tegra 4.

A quick look at a video from Exor Studios shows the power behind Tegra 4's custom 72-core GeForce GPU. In the video you can see the difference in dynamic shadows and lighting with Tegra 4:

On the company's blog, NVIDIA highlights the five upcoming games which include Burn Zombie Burn, Carie: Blood Mansion, RPG CODEX: The Warrior, Dead on Arrival 2, and RU Golf. Burn Zombie Burn by Tick Tock Games is entering the mobile scene with fast-paced, console-quality action. Carie: Blood Mansion takes advantage of Tegra 4's enhanced physics simulations, high resolution textures, and more.

Dead on Arrival 2

In RPG CODEX: The Warrior, the graphics get a boost with real-time dynamic shadows and HDR lighting. Dead on Arrival 2 features high-resolution models and PhysX. Finally, RU Golf, which entered the mobile scene last year with Tegra 3, is ready to take advantage of Tegra 4 with dynamic specular lighting, soft shadows, and bloom and lens flare effects.