First Window Phone 8 OTA Update Being Rolled Out Now

HTC 8X owners have begun to receive the first over-the-air (OTA) update for Windows Phone 8. The update introduces a persistent Wi-Fi feature, which prevents the handset from switching over to cellular mode after the display's been turned off, and also fixes a rebooting issue some HTC 8X owners had complained about.

According to WPCentral, the update, codenamed "Portico," takes about 10 minutes to download and prepare, plus another "10 minutes or so" to apply. After that, it takes yet another 5 minutes to migrate existing data, so you're looking at an update process that could take upwards of half an hour.

In addition to finally addressing the Wi-Fi issue and kicking out a reboot bug, Portico introduces a few new features to the OS, including SMS Call Reject similar to what's seen in iOS 6, SMS Drafts to save messages before sending, and SMS Select All for mass deleting text messages/threads.