First Person s-Wii-ter?

Tennis and bowling are great and all, but I wanna kill people. Ars Technica has a review of the popular Call Of Duty 3 for the Wii, and have the answer on playability with the Wii-mote: Some getting used to, but a whole lot of fun.

It's worth the effort, though; the game on the Wiimote is a blast. While I didn't feel like I had a gun in my hand - the Wiimote doesn't feel like a Garand - it does add a level of "being there-ness" that really pulls you into the game. At one point I was riding on the back of a tank and used the Wiimote to look around through binoculars and call out targets. When the tank under me fired and the controller rumbled, it was very satisfying. There are also scenes where you fight over your gun with an enemy soldier and have to frantically move your hands back and forth to fend him off, killing him by slamming the butt of your gun into his face. This left me a little sweaty and with tired arms. It's much more frantic and scary than just jamming buttons.

You can buy aftermarket gizmos to mimic a tennis racket and other hand held objects that accept the Wii-mote. How about a rifle, Nintendo?

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