First Far Cry 5 Artwork Combines ‘Last Supper’ With Beards, Guns, Ammo And Evildoers

We have the feeling that Far Cry 5 is going to be quite the controversial game when it’s released later this year. We got our first taste of murder, religious undertones and maniacal screams earlier this week, and now Ubisoft has revealed the first artwork for the game.

Let’s just say that it’s more than a bit provocative. First and foremost, the image invokes Jesus’ “Last Supper” with his disciples, with Jesus being replaced by a religious cult leader (if the previous leak turns out to be right). This character, which has been likened to a facsimile of Tom Cruise’s ardent attachment to Scientology, is surrounded by a number of bearded men, a single female and a lone wolf.

far cry 5

Besides the draped U.S. flag [modified, of course] over the table, there’s apple pie, numerous guns, ammo, a raw steak, crossbows, and even moonshine. Is this the new Far Cry, or a deleted scene from Duck Dynasty? With that being said, perhaps the most disturbing part of the artwork is the appearance of a man sitting on the ground with his hands tied behind him, with the word “Sinner” written across his back.

There sure is a lot to digest in just this one piece of artwork, and we’re bound to see a whole lot more on Friday when the official announcement trailer for the game is revealed. With that being said, we can’t wait to hear more about the supposed main bad guy, the Tom Cruise wannabe.

“The overall feeling I got from the animatic videos we saw is that they're really playing up a sense of dread,” stated a redditor who claims to have participated in a focus group for the game. “This is a small town and is filled with small-town sensibilities, the kind of place where God's word is law, and the sense you get is that the antagonist-preacher found a perfect place for his quasi-religion to take root.”

Fast your seat belts folks, this might be one bumpy ride through Montana...