First Alleged iPhone 5S Pics Land on the Web

The iPhone 5 has been available for two and a half months, and quite frankly, we're surprised it took this long for the first pics of what's supposed to be the inevitable iPhone 5S to appear online. But they're here now, and assuming they're real, you can expect the iPhone 5S to look just like its predecessor.

No big surprise there. After enlarging the screen for the first time since the iPhone debuted and swapping out the familiar (and proprietary) dock connector for a new one, Apple probably isn't real eager on making major changes to the design this early in the game.

iPhone 5 Leaked Photo

Instead, the iPhone 5S will likely sport upgraded hardware and perhaps a few tweaks to appease Foxconn in the manufacturing phase. The pics, which French website NoWhereElse discovered in a forum at, shows just the shell, both inside and out.

It looks just like the iPhone 5S, save for the position of some internal fixing points, which have been shuffled around. Even if the pictures are real, this could be just an early prototype that may or may not represent the final build.