Firefox Private Relay Email Alias Feature Is The Perfect Antidote To Relentless Spam

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One of the things that every internet user has to deal with is the fear of loads of spam emails each time they enter their email address into an online form. However, Firefox users now have a new tool that can help them eliminate the deluge of spam to their email address, and it's called Firefox Private Relay. 

Firefox Private Relay promises to allow users to make an email alias with one click and keep their actual email address to themselves. Firefox says that by using the Private Relay add-on, users can keep their real email address off spam lists and away from companies that may not deserve their trust. The caveat is that most people have probably been using the same email address for years, and it's already out there. But Private Relay could help reduce future spam.

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The Private Relay website says that when a form requires an email address, simply click the Relay button to give an alias instead. Firefox will forward emails from the alias to the real inbox. If any of the alias addresses that you setup begins to receive an email the user doesn't want, it can be disabled or deleted completely. 

It appears as if email relay services are going to be a thing for technology companies. Apple previously announced that it would create email aliases for its "Sign in with Apple" login system. In other Mozilla news, it enabled daily telemetry collection with Firefox 75 last month. Thankfully, the daily telemetry collection can be turned off.

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