Firefox OS Could Come To $25 Smartphones, Thanks To Spreadtrum Chipset

Firefox OS was a relatively large part of Mobile World Congress 2013, but it's making even bigger news at this year's gala in Barcelona. Firefox OS will soon be planted on seven new commercial devices, enabling it to hopefully scale up in 2014. But, of course, pricing will be the factor that makes or breaks things. At $25, however, wouldn't you consider changing platforms?

Firefox OS will expand from 15 markets into the following: Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama.  Deutsche Telekom will also add four new markets: Croatia, the Czech Republic, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Beyond location, Spreadtrum has announced WCDMA and EDGE turnkey reference designs for Firefox OS as well as the industry’s first chipset for US$25 smartphones, the SC6821. That's right: Firefox OS now has an ally that can seemingly produce off-contract phones for less than a fancy dinner in Chicago.

If you aren't familiar with Firefox OS, it's an HTML5-based OS that relies on Web-based applications instead of native ones. The traction hasn't been exceptional to date, but if they really can pull that phone off with that price, we suspect the tables will turn quickly in emerging markets.