Firefox Now Important Enough To Be Crummy

There's always been an element of superstition about the safety and security of all sorts of web browsers and operating systems. The idea that if Bill Gates isn't involved you'll be magically protected against trouble is wearing a little thin now. The best protection against exploits in browsers has always been a market share south of 5% Well, Mozilla's Firefox browser is learning the hard lesson of  "big enough to matter, big enough to get security holes pointed out." And last week's fingerpointing exercise blaming Microsoft for their Firefox problem is a dead letter now.

"We thought this was just a problem with IE. It turns out, it is a problem with Firefox as well," Window Snyder, Mozilla's chief security officer, wrote in her blog.

"We should have caught this scenario when we fixed the related problem in We believe that defense in depth is the best way to protect people, so we're investigating it now."

Mozilla may also have another lagging security issue related to its password manager system that stores user passwords.

Security researchers at Heise Security have alleged that the password manager flaw that first appeared November 2006 and was claimed to have been fixed in the Firefox update in February 2007 is still open.

Now you're just another bunch of coders in shabby cubicles, grubbing after market share and trying to stamp out all the bugs that come out of the internet woodwork. Welcome to the big time!
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