Firefox 5 Details Revealed

With Firefox 4 still fresh off the assembly line, there's already talk of Mozilla's next major browser release, Firefox 5. Premature? Not in the world of technology, it isn't. Let's also not forget that Mozilla is adopting a Google Chrome-like development cycle, in which there will be several different builds to choose from, including pre-beta builds, as part of an accelerated release cycle. So, what do we know about Firefox 5 at this point?

Word on the Web is that Firefox 5 will take a more social approach to Web browsing than previous versions. Expect an overhauled UI (again) with several new features. There will be a new tab page and a tab multi-select feature similar to what's currently available in Chrome's nightly builds (Chromium).

Add-ons are set to get standardized toolbar support, there will be a file upload indicator, the home button will go the way of the dodo (it will be replaced with a permanent Home app tab), and Mozilla plans to implement an in-browser preview function with an integrated PDF viewer.

But wait, there's more! Look for Taskbar Web apps to be prominent in Firefox 5, in which tabs will get their own context menus that can be configured by website owners, an integrated identity manager with support for multiple sign-ons at the same time will exist, and there will be new sharing features intertwined with social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, and probably social news sites, like Reddit and Digg.

It's still early and all this is subject to change, but what would you like to see incorporated in Firefox 5?