Firefox 20 Is Official With Android Tweaks And Privacy Additions

Remember when browser updates came once a year, like your favorite holiday? Man, those were the days. Now, we can barely get through two weeks without another browser update from Google, Apple, Opera or Mozilla, but we suppose constant updates are better than infrequent ones. This week, Firefox 20 was made official, adding a pop-out download manager that now emerges from the toolbar (Safari users will feel right at home), as well as a slew of privacy overhauls.

Moreover, Firefox for Android allows you to customize the shortcuts on the home screen with your favorite or most frequently visited sites, so they are only a tap away. It also adds support for additional devices running on a less powerful processor architecture, ARMv6 processors. This includes popular phones like Samsung Galaxy Next, HTC Aria, HTC Legend, Samsung Dart, Samsung Galaxy Pop and the Samsung Galaxy Q. For developers, Firefox includes getUserMedia, an important part of the WebRTC specification. It allows developers to quickly and easily write code that accesses the user’s camera or microphones.

Per usual, Mozilla is recommending that users update right away to keep pace with the latest security tweaks -- if you've given it a download, how are you liking it?