FINsix Claims Tiny, Clever Dart Laptop Power Adapter “World’s Smallest”

Battery life is a constant headache for laptop users, and lugging around a bulky charger to stay plugged in when necessary is part of the annoyance. It seems ridiculous to carry around a svelte little ultrabook only to have to also schlep a charger that’s twice as thick.

FINsix is working to change that problem with the Dart, a tiny laptop charger that the company boasts is the “world’s smallest” and comes in at about four times smaller than the average adapter (and six times lighter).

FINsix Dart

It also has a USB port so you can charge any USB device; most obviously, that would be your smartphone, meaning that you could ostensibly carry around just one compact charger for both your laptop and phone.

The 65W Dart has a six-foot cable and looks more like a smartphone charger than a laptop power brick. It has a single-outlet profile, and it’s compatible with all major PC brands.

FINsix Dart

The MacBook is not compatible with the standard Dart, though, so those users have to get the special Dart for MacBook or Custom Dart. Further, the Dart won’t work with any laptop that requires higher wattage that the 65W it can muster.

The team of MIT graduate students behind the Dart are conducting a Kickstarter campaign to raise $200,000 as it moves into the process of securing regulatory approval as well as the pre-production phase. The campaign is a bit curious, as VentureBeat noted that FINsix has already secured $6 million in funding from investors. “We wanted to get engaged with customers, get feedback, and build those relationships,” said CEO Vanessa Green in reply. “We felt a Kickstarter campaign is a good way for us to engage directly with users.”