FindMyCat Open-Source Pet Tracker Is The Purrfect Way To Keep Tabs On Your Feline Friend

findmycat open source pet tracking collar like apple airtag for cats
Losing a pet can be one of the hardest things to go through, but with the help of modern technology, that may be a problem of the past. Creator and inventor Sahas Chitlange has created FindMyCat, an open-source pet tracking solution, not terribly unlike Apple’s AirTags, designed specifically for your favorite feline or canine creature.

Earlier this week, Chitlange posted a YouTube video outlining FindMyCat, a product they designed to keep tabs on their orange kitty, Pumpkin. Ultimately, they found that commercial trackers had bad battery life, poor tracking capabilities, or fees that made them not worth the time. Therefore, they had to make their own device, which operates similar to Apple's AirTags.

FindMyCat is an ultra-optimized low-power tracker that features up to six months of battery life, which enables both GPS tracking and LTE connectivity. Further, FMC also features ultra-wideband and Bluetooth tech, so you can track your pet with incredible precision as you would with any Apple FindMy product. Clearly, Chitlange is an Apple fan, as the app for managing all the tracking devices is also only on iOS currently. Regardless, though, all of this is still rather impressive for an open-source personal ‘pet’ project.

If there turns out to be enough demand, though, FindMyCat might end up becoming a commercialized product available for purchase. However, it is noted that this project will always remain open source, allowing you decide you want to build or tweak it to you and your pet’s liking. Either way, this is a pretty awesome bit of tech, and it can certainly save some headaches if your best animal friend somehow wanders off to wherever they go.