Final Fantasy 15 To Run On Wide Range Of PCs And Nude Mods Could Be Fair Game

PC gamers who also happen to be fans of the Final Fantasy franchise have a lot to be excited about. The latest installment in the franchise is coming to Windows 10 PCs complete with the ability to support 4K resolutions. Despite the fact that other games in the franchise have seen PC ports, the game is still more of a console franchise. With the latest installment the developers behind Final Fantasy XV want to give PC gamers the features that will make the game a must-buy.


PCGamer spoke with game director Hajime Tabata about the PC version of the game, "I think the very first step towards that, we've exceeded. With our technical partnership and joint-development with NVidia—I think we managed to convince them that we are serious about the PC market. The fact that they worked together with us and helped us do that announcement is a big sign of that."

PC gamers will be able to use a mouse and keyboard, which is said to work very well with the first person view of the game. One of the biggest things that will make PC gamers happy is that the game will support mods.

"Traditionally Final Fantasy has a bit of an image that everyone has the exact same experience and shares that experience with everyone that plays the game. With Final Fantasy 15, we went in a slightly different direction. Right from the start, the way the whole game is structured and created gives each individual player their own individual and unique FF15 journey. I certainly think the modding community is going to resonate with that and the idea that you can change it any way they want is exciting," said Tabata.

Tabata also notd that there will be a Steam version of the game as well as a version on Origin. The Steam version will support Steam Workshop. As for what sort of PC you will need to run the game with all the bells and whistles, a powerful one, but lesser PCs will still be able to play. Tabata says the game isn't locked to 30fps, it will do 60 fps but he says that will be hard to do at max setting. Tabata said, "Supporting it will be possible, but considering the spec you'd need to get that level—with native 4K, HDR, and a good 60fps—the machine we've got here couldn't do that at the moment. That's a GTX 1080 Ti, and even with that 60 frames is not possible."

We know mods will be supported, and some of you might be wondering about nude mods. Tabata talked about that, saying that essentially it will be left up to the gamers. GameSpot quotes Tabata saying, "What's stronger in my mind is the fact that I don't want to limit people too much. This is part of the culture of gaming these days. These people--it's a thing they've bought, it's their game now."


"I don't think it's a good thing, but we're going to leave it to the moral sense of all the players out there," he continued. "I basically want, as a principle, to give as much freedom and as little limitations on it as possible."

Nude mods are at the discretion of the gamers you say? So yes, there will be nude mods.