Fierce And Fiesty ‘Angry Birds: Stella’ Coming This Fall

Just when you thought Rovio was out of ideas for new Angry Birds titles, another one is coming this fall called “Angry Birds: Stella”, a game apparently targeted toward girls that features the pink bird and a new cast of characters.

Although the tag line on the press image for the game--”Best friends forever, most of the time”--makes Angry Birds Stella sound like a middle school catfight, Rovio’s actual announcement makes the game sound more interesting.

Rovio Angry Birds Stella

“Angry Birds Stella is breaking the mold by introducing strong, passionate characters who really stand for something, while adding plenty of action and reality into the mix", said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio Entertainment. Further, the game is “all about inspiration, empowerment and other real issues, without forgetting entertainment and quirky fun”.

Angry Birds Stella is going to push the boundaries of what Rovio has already done with IRL companion products by actively bridging both physical and digital realms. It sounds like Rovio is looking to make Stella and her sometimes-BFFs into a mini franchise all its own.

Hopefully the game is a decent play.