Fervent Fallout 4 Fans Narrow Vault 111 Location To Whitney Hill Park

There are gamers, and then there are gamers who come to have such vast knowledge of their favorite games, it puts the rest of us in awe. As far as series go, there are not too many quite like Fallout. It has such a massive, loyal fanbase, that you could spend many days reading up on every little aspect of each game and their vast worlds. Fallout 4, announced last week, will be no different.

What's not commonly seen is such in-depth analysis of a game being done before its launch - much less a single week after the announcement. But we're seeing that now with Fallout 4, as some rabid fans of the series took to figuring out just how large the upcoming game's world will be, while at the same time figuring out the proximity of certain landmarks. Whether or not you're a Fallout fan, if you have a couple of minutes, you should definitely watch this video.

The unveiling trailer for Fallout 4 was a mere 3 minutes, but it included many different angles of important locations in the game. That has allowed fans to analyze the direction and location of each landmark, such as Vault 111, the garage, and fan-named "Battery Tower".

Fallout 4 - Battery Tower Location

Battery tower is an interesting landmark as it's seen in many different shots during the trailer, some of which require a really keen eye to spot. Take the above shot as an example; most of us would just be looking at the characters on the screen, but sure enough, there's the Battery Tower seen in the distance under some haze.

Ultimately, these fans figured out that the Fallout 4 map is based on the Boston area, with the Battery Tower being located at MIT, and the nuke site having happened right on top of Brighton.

Fallout 4 - Boston Map

I admit that I've never been much of a Fallout fan, but the enthusiasm of these fans, and their willingness to piece together so much out of a simple trailer, definitely piques my interest. If a game is this interesting before its full unveiling, we can only imagine what the final release will be like. I think Bethesda has a lot of hype to live up to.

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