Ferrari 12 Cilindri Beastly Supercar Cranks 830 HP For 0-60 In Under 3 Seconds

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Not only has famed automaker Ferrari launched a retro-yet-not flagship grand tourer with a proper V12, aptly called the 12 Cilindri, the car will be available in hard-top coupe and topless spider forms right off the bat. Ferrari normally staggers the release of these variants, so this move is rather out of character, but buyers definitely won't be complaining.

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By function and form, the 12 Cilindri is technically the successor to the Ferrari 812 Superfast (F152M), but look closely and you'll see clear callbacks to the 1968 Ferrari 365GTB/4 and Daytona in the front wraparound strip incorporating the headlights (not pop-ups, unfortunately).

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However, the 12 Cilindri designers have retained elements like the low-slung, high tail cab-rear silhouette incorporating large rear buttresses, quad taillights, and hood-top vents found in the 365, F12 Berlinetta, and 812. Of course, the new car modernizes the styling to be bolder and edgier; it's up to you whether you prefer the softer, more sensual design of old, or this new design language that seems even more hardcore than Ferrari's recent Purosangue SUV.

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Still, the 12 Cilindri packs a punch in one the last great naturally aspirated motors of its time—in this case it's a 6.5-liter V12, just like the 812. This time the powerplant makes 819 bhp (or 830 hp) and 500 lb-ft of torque (versus 819 hp and 510 lb-ft on the 812 Competizione/A), launching the car from 0-62 mph in a shade under three seconds, charging all the way to 211 mph max velocity. Thanks to lightening of the camshafts and conrods plus the inclusion of F1-derived sliding finger valvetrain followers, shortened manifold tracts, and cam adjustments, the 12 Cilindri sings all the way to 9,500 rpm with a screaming soundtrack to boot.

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The interior follows the double cockpit layout of the Purosangue in that both the driver and passenger have their own well-appointed cockpits with separate digital displays. While Ferrari currently eschews built-in navigation systems, relying instead on Google Maps and Apple Maps through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, the 12 Cilindri features a 10.25-inch center touchscreen with oleophobic protection.

Another highlight on the inside is how the designers arranged a row of physical switches on the center console to mimic Ferrari's iconic open-gate manual gear selector.

No word yet on what both the coupe and spider will cost in the U.S. In Europe, the hardtop starts at $427,000, while the spider starts at $470,000. Like the 812, the 12 Cilindri is also expected to be produced in limited numbers.

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