Feeling the Pinch from Amazon, Walmart is Willing to Let Cash Customers Shop Online

For various reasons, not everyone owns a credit card or a debit card with a Mastercard or Visa logo on it. Perhaps you don't care for the concept of buying on credit, or maybe your credit rating is jacked and you either can't quality for a credit card, or can only quality for a high-interest rate card with an annual fee. Whatever the case, not having a credit card makes it difficult to shop online, particularly if you're a cash-only type of person (which rules out Paypal and online banking in general). Enter Walmart.

According to a Bloomberg report, Walmart is tired of seeing potential customers flock to Amazon and has decided to do something about its sub par e-commerce operations. Starting next month, Walmart's online portal will roll out a "Pay With Cash" plan that it hopes will appeal to the 20 percent of customers who aren't able to shop online because they lack a bank account or credit card. The way it works is you reserve a product online, pick it up at your local Wallyworld, and pay with cash.

It's one of many initiatives Walmart is putting into play to stave off the competition. The chain will use the online slogan, "Anytime, Anywhere" when all the changes go into effect, once of which will include allowing customers to be able to shop for anything that's available online or in brick-and-mortar stores using smartphones or by going up and down the aisles, Bloomberg says.

Amazon will still have the edge when it comes to sales tax (in most areas), but between already low prices and instant gratification, Walmart believes it can compete. Do you?