Fedora 18 Linux Released

After several setbacks and delays, the folks at Fedora have just released their newest Linux distro, Fedora 18, otherwise known by its code-name "Spherical Cow." One of the big new features in Fedora 18 is that it now supports UEFI Secure Boot by using bootloaders that have been signed with Microsoft certificates. In short, you should have no trouble booting Fedora 18 with a Windows 8 PC.

The new version also introduces a vastly overhauled Anaconda installer. It looks new with a modern flair, and is designed to make installing the OS both faster and easier to do. That's especially important if Fedora wants to try and draw in potentially disgruntled Windows 8 users who simply aren't digging the Metro UI.

Fedora 18 Desktop

In Fedora 18, the desktop interface is based on GNOME 3.6, which itself introduces a bevy of new features, like a slicker file manager, a new shell-style lock screen, widespread use of application menus, and more. There's also plenty of treats for developers.

"Fedora 18 includes several language and programming environment updates, with fresh versions of Python, Rails, D and Perl. Clojure tooling packages and libraries have also been added in this release. Finally, SystemTap has been updated to the 2.0 release, extending its capabilities for instrumenting code and other diagnostic capabilities, and providing those abilities to a greater pool of user access levels," Fedora said.

Fedora 18 is available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems running x86 hardware. A version compatible with ARM processors is in the works and currently available in beta form. In addition, Fedora said it aims to release a new version of its free operating system every six months.