The Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook Could Help You Find Sustenance, Fortify Your Spirit

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What is that bacon-encrusted goodness you see off in the distance of the Morrowind mist? You're a weary warrior in need of sustenance after all, so it could be just an illusion brought about by lack of literally anything to fortify your semi-mortal soul. Or perhaps renowned mystic cookbook author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel has just conjured delicacies from the land of Tamriel to help re-kindle your spirits. In this case, the latter would be an easier reach, as indeed the The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook is set to release in March 2019, but you can reserve a copy now.

Elder Scrolls Cook Book 2

Ms. Monroe-Cassel has previously prepared feasts fit for a warchief in the World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook, which claims to be "a compendium of sweet and savory recipes inspired by the hit game from Blizzard Entertainment... delicacies favored by the Horde and the Alliance alike." However, in this case for Elder Scrolls Nightblades, Templars and Dragon Knights alike, Monroe-Cassel is taking her culinary game up a notch, offering recipes like stews, souffles, sweetrolls and more, inspired by foods found in the Old Kingdom and across Tamriel. Without question, this could be an opportunity to increase your stamina, or at the very least offer healing properties affording you the ability to endure battle for yet another Shandar's Sorrow moonlit night.

And with any luck, Ms. Monroe-Cassel won't leave you parched for a sip of Skooma, or make you travel to Addamasartus to find the specific mixology. She has been known to offer up the secrets of libation as well. You can find the forthcoming The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook on Amazon and reserve a copy now, for just a hair over $16.