FCC Preparing For Net Neutrality Lawsuit From Cable Companies

Everyone is waiting to see what the Federal Communications Commission will rule when it comes to net neutrality. However, the FCC is preparing itself for a lawsuit from cable companies in response to when it finally votes net neutrality regulations into place. At least that is what FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said earlier today.

According to The Hill, Wheeler said, “The big dogs are going to sue regardless of what comes out. We need to make sure that we have sustainable rules, and that starts with making sure that we have addressed the multiplicity of issues that come along and are likely to be raised."

Big fcc commissioners

Wheeler continued, “I want to move on open Internet rules with dispatch. I also want to have open Internet rules that are sustained.”

Despite the large volume of feedback from citizens, various companies, and even President Barack Obama voicing their displeasure of “fast lanes,” the FCC has remained silent and has kept things close to the vest. As a result of the FCC’s silence, AT&T recently announced that it had stopped developing its fiber network until the net neutrality rules have been revealed.