Google Pixel 2 Blows Cover In HTC FCC Filing With Android 8, Active Edge Functions And Snapdragon 835

Pixel 2 Early Render
The sleuths over at reddit have dug around inside the FCC documents library and unearthed what appear to be details on the Google Pixel 2 smartphone, which is built by HTC. Much of the details that the FCC offers are mundane testing reports that shed little information on what the device will offer consumers when it lands. However, there does appear to be at least one link that offers scant detail on the device.

The information includes some screenshots from the Settings menu of the smartphone that show us how to get to the FCC labels inside the menu. What we can glean from those setting is that the test device runs Android 8.0.1 and that it also features Active Edge. Something worth noting is that Android Developer Preview 4 is at build number 8.0.0, indicating that the device the FCC tested is close to the final build of Android 8, and could be the final build for all we know right now.

The latest security patch installed on the test device according to the screenshots is from August 5, 2017. Screenshots show 50.66GB of free space with 21% internal storage use, that would indicate 64GB of internal storage and we expect a microSD card slot for expansion. That's all we get from the FCC on the Pixel 2.


Something clear in multiple renderings is that the Pixel 2 will have thick screen bezels. The big design features on the Note 8 and iPhone 8 are nearly bezel-free screens that take up much of the front of the devices. Less bezel means that the screen can be larger without having to make the device itself larger. We started seeing renderings leak late last month and along with the thick front bezels, the leaks also show a fingerprint scanner on the back of the smartphone. The Pixel 2 XL, however, is expected to have smaller bezels, more in keeping with the design trends that we've seen with the Galaxy S8 and the upcoming iPhone 8.

With testing data showing up at the FCC, Google and HTC could be very close to the official launch of the device.