FCC Filing Outs Microsoft’s Planned Chromecast Competitive Miracast Dongle

Google's reasonably priced ($35) Chromecast dongle has been a surprising success in the streaming market, in part because of its low price tag. There's not a ton of competition in the streaming dongle space either, though it appears Microsoft will soon throw its weight around with a Miracast dongle that appears in the FCC's database.

According to the filings, Microsoft's device (model number HD-10) is a Miracast dongle with 802.11n Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct support, though it took some investigating to come to that conclusion. The FCC application is missing tons of information, and it wasn't until a blogger at NokieaPowerUser dug up information from the Wi-Fi Alliance that the device's true form was revealed.

Miracast Dongle Certification

In addition to Wi-Fi support, the HD-10 also sports an HDMI port and a USB connection for the power supply. Those who end up owning the HD-10 will be able to mirror their mobile desktop display to a television, putting it in direct competition with Google's Chromecast dongle.

There are some differences between the two devices. Miracast doesn't share the same advanced features as Chromecast, like the ability to queue media from multiple participants or play games. It's also worth mentioning that Miracast is a peer-to-peer wireless screencasting standard, whereas Chromecast links into your existing Wi-Fi network.