FCC Extends Net Neutrality Comments Feedback Period To September 15

The battle for net neutrality is starting to feel like a never-ending one, but for the sake of having a truly fair Web, it's a battle of utmost importance. It's also a battle that you can help win, as the Federal Trade Commission seeks comments from the public on the proposed net neutrality rules.

Originally, the FCC was going to cease receiving comments on July 15th, but a flood of last-minute comments poured in and ended up taking down the website that accepted them. The deadline was then extended until July 18th, but given the amount of attention this is receiving, the agency has once again extended the date, this time until September 15th.

John Oliver explains, in layman's terms, why net neutrality is important and what you can do about it.

To add your two cents on the matter, you can head on over to the FCC comments section and click on the "14-28" URL in the left column. Admittedly, this should be easy to spot, as this particular proceeding has received a staggering 240,000+ comments in the last 30 days, and as such is found at the top of the list.

If you'd rather opt for an alternative method of getting your message in, you can email the FCC at openinternet@fcc.gov, or even send in a physical letter.

Up to this point, the response that the FCC has received from the public on net neutrality is nothing short of staggering, but just because that's the case, it doesn't mean that things should slow down. If the disapproval from the public becomes overwhelming, you'd hope that would be enough to make an impact. Ultimately, it'd be great to sit here a few years down the road totally forgetting that this asinine plan ever existed. Let's make that a reality.

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