Fat Fingers Rejoice: SwiftKey 4 For Android Released

Good news for texting addicts: SwiftKey 4 is now available on Google Play, and it's a free upgrade if you're an existing user. Otherwise, it carries a promo price of $1.99 and is worth every penny if you do a lot of typing, or just want a better keyboard than the one that ships stock on Android.

The secret sauce to SwiftKey 4's awesomeness is "SwiftKey Flow," which is pretty eerie in its ability to read your mind and predict the next word you're looking for. Combined with SwiftKey's signature ability to let you glide your finger from character to character without lifting it up, you can perform some seriously fast typing. Check it out:

You can still tap to type if you wish, and no matter which method you use, SwiftKey learns your style in an attempt to make personalized predictions.

"Everyone’s had embarrassing autocorrect moments," said Ben Medlock, SwiftKey co-founder and CTO. "That’s why we built SwiftKey to understand the context of words, not just their spelling. It works from the word go to adjust to you — from the phrases you write to how you touch the screen. It means you don’t have to worry about typing, it does all the hard work for you."

SwiftKey 4

In addition to SwiftKey Flow, version 4 adds a Flow Through Space feature that now allows you to type entire sentences without ever lifting up your finger to add a space.