Faster Google Chrome Updated For iOS and Android

A recent update to Chrome is supposed to bring about a faster and simpler browser experience to your Android and iOS phones and tablets, Google announced this week. Starting with Android, the latest build, which is based on the newest version of the V8 JavaScript engine optimized for mobile, boasts on average 25 percent better scores in the Octane benchmark since the previous update. What that means for real-world performance is "snappier" interactions within webpages, Google says.

Google also expanded support for HTML5 features such CSS Filters. Going forward, Google claims it will continue to optimize Chrome for Android at the same clip as Chrome on other platforms.

Chrome Mobile

For those of you rocking an iOS device, searching with Chrome is getting a little easier. Sometime in the near future, you'll be able to see search terms in the omnibox instead of the long search URL.

"This will help you refine search queries and view more content on the results page," Google says. "This feature will roll out in the coming weeks, so you may not see it right away after upgrading."

Also new to the latest build is the ability to view your tab history by pressing and holding the back button, which will allow you to access any page you've previously visited from that tab. In addition, there's a "Share" feature under "Menu" so that you can share webpages through email, Messages, or to a social network.