Faraday Future FF 91 EV Reportedly Secures Over 64000 Reservations Following CES Debut

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Faraday Future is off to a seemingly promising start with its recently unveiled FF 91 electric vehicle. While its design may come off to some as somewhat of an amalgam of a hatchback, crossover and minivan, it appears that plenty of people are interested in getting their hands on a 1000+ horsepower people mover.

The Chinese company took to its Facebook page to announce that it received over 64,000 reservations for the vehicle in less than 36 hours. It should be noted, however, that you can “reserve” a FF 91 without actually putting down a deposit. The company also offers a refundable $5,000 priority reservation that makes you eligible to upgrade your order to an “Alliance Edition” FF 91.

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Unfortunately, Faraday Future did not give a breakdown on how many of those 64,000 customers chose the free option versus the $5,000 option. We have the feeling that the former far outnumbers the latter. For comparison, Tesla received over 230,000 reservations for its entry-level Model 3 within 24 hours, and each one of those [potential] customers put down a $1,000 deposit.

For those that need a refresher course, the FF 91 is a rather large all-electric crossover utility vehicle that will no doubt be compared directly to the Tesla Model X. Despite similar missions, the FF 91 dwarfs the Model X as it features a huge 126-inch wheelbase and measures over 206 inches in length (longer than a standard-length Cadillac Escalade). For comparison, the Model X measures 198 inches and rides on a 116-inch wheelbase.

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The FF 91 has a total of 1050 horsepower and can go from a standstill to 60 mph in just 2.39 seconds. Range is pegged at 378 miles per charge (thanks to a 130 kWh battery) and the vehicle can both drive and park autonomously. 

These fantastical specs come with a rather high price tag. The vehicle will reportedly cost close to $200,000 when it is finally released, which makes the $138,000 Model X P100D seem like a downright bargain.