Fan-Made Metal Gear Solid Remake Cancelled, Gamers Blame Konami

Fans of the popular Metal Gear Solid series are ticked off at Konami over the cancellation of an unofficial, fan-built remake of the first title that shipped to the original PlayStation way back in 1998. The remake's cancellation was announced on the project's Facebook page, which immediately prompted a backlash aimed at Konami for presumably having a hand in this.

The project, dubbed Shadow Moses, was the brainchild of indie game designer Airam Hernandez. It appears he may have assembled a small team to remake the original Metal Gear Solid using Unreal Engine 4. Through social media, Hernandez teased fans of the project with early screenshots and videos of the game's progress, which drummed up excitement with more than 20,000 Likes on Facebook and 4,000 on Instagram.

Shadow Moses Project

"Hi guys! We have an important announcement today: We have to cancel the Shadow Moses Project for reasons beyond our control. We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support we have received," the Shadow Moses team announced on Facebook.

The announcement prompted an avalanche of disappointed comments from fans, many of which directed their ire at Konami under the assumption that it must have sent the team a cease and desist order.

"That company [Konami] is making more and more decisions to alienate its once-dedicated fanbase. How this titan has fallen," one of the comments reads.

"Konami is a piece of crap company. I honestly can't wait for the day when the crash and burn," another fan wrote.

Not everyone was sympathetic to the project and its cancellation, and there were some that came to Konami's defense over the cancellation.

"Konami isn't in the wrong here. It sucks, but it's their IP. When it all comes down to it, It's just business. This kind of thing happens all the time so there's no reason to be mad at them. Still a bummer though," one fan wrote.

While it hasn't been confirmed that Konami shut the project down, it wouldn't be surprising to find out that it did. This wouldn't be the first fan project to be cancelled, and it likely won't be the last—Metal Gear Solid is Konami's property, and even Hernandez acknowledged at one point that he would eventually need Konami's permission to publish it. It's disappointing, sure, just not surprising.

While the remake has been shut down, Hernandez stated on his Shadow Moses Facebook page that something else is afoot. "We do have some other news coming though. So stay tuned!," Hernandez said.

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