FalloutShelter Update 1.4 Adds New Rooms And Dweller Customization Options

A word of caution before we get started here. If you haven’t tried Fallout Shelter yet for your iOS or Android device; don’t! We don’t say it because it’s a bad game; it’s such an addictive game that it will easily rob hours from your day as you wield godlike powers over your Dwellers. For those that have already joined the dark side, your addiction is only going to get worse.

Bethesda just announced that it will will release Fallout Shelter Update 1.4 later this week. This will be the most comprehensive update to the mobile game since its release last year, bringing with it plenty of new functionality and the ability to highly customize your underground community.

FalloutShelter 14Update

For starters, you will now be able to see a visual night/day cycles along with the addition of a number of new rooms to keep you busy. The Weapon and Armor crafting rooms will add a new dimension to in-game dynamics allowing you to take further control of how your offensive and defensive tools look and operate (this also brings Fallout Shelter closer in functionality to Fallout 4). Lunchboxes have gained a fifth card, Junk, which explorers can bring back from their lengthy excursions. This junk can then be turned into items that can be used within the shelter.

Other new additions include a new Barbershop room that allows you to customize the look of your Dwellers. The Fallout 4 likenesses continue, as you will be able choose outfits featured in that full-featured game for your Dwellers. And if that wasn’t enough, Parrots will now join dogs and cats as companions for your Dwellers.

Fallout Shelter was Bethesda’s first mobile game, and given how profitable that title has been for developer (shortly after its release, Bethesda managed to record 12 million downloads in a single day and it has a healthy in-app purchases ecosystem), it by no means will be the last. Bethesda has made it clear that it will make additional mobile games in the future, although it isn’t quite ready to share those plans with the public.

Fallout Shelter is available for free from either the App Store or Google Play.