Fallout Shelter Comes To PC This Thursday With The Game's Biggest Update Yet

Fallout Shelter

Bethesda's been teasing a major update to Fallout Shelter for the past month, Update 1.6, which will bring the popular mobile title to the PC platform. In the days leading up the update's July 14 (this Thursday) launch, Bethesda has taken to Twitter with catchy rhymes to hype the release of what it says it will be the biggest update ever to the game.

"Five days until you're besting the questing with Fallout Shetler's biggest update," the official Fallout account (@Fallout) posted to Twitter on Saturday. This was followed up by another tweet yesterday that reads, "Four days until you can exchange blows and combat foes in Fallout Shelter's biggest update," followed a link to Fallout Shelter's homepage.

Fallout Shelter Combat

Bethesda really wants to drive the point home that Update 1.6 isn't just a minor patch, but a major update with lots of new goodies and features. Beyond porting the game over to PC, you'll be able to take control of dwellers and travel to new locations like abandoned buildings and decrepit vaults. There will even be some familiar Fallout locales, such as Fallout 4's Red Rocket Fuel Stop and Super Duper Mart.

As part of the new quest system, you can gather up dwellers into a group and go outside the vault to "uncover legendary loot" and battle new enemies such as Radscorpions, ghouls, and powerful bosses scattered throughout the wasteland. You'll use a new combat system for this, one that gives you greater control over your dwellers as you direct their attacks.

Fallout Shelter 50 Million

This will be a welcome update to fans of Fallout Shelter, of which there are many—more than 50 million 50 have downloaded the free app in the past, which is more players than all of the previous Fallout games combined. And by porting a version to PC, Fallout Shelter opens itself up to a new audience. Like the mobile version, the Fallout Shelter on PC will be free with in-game purchases available.