Bethesda Readying Fallout 76 Public Test Server To Finally Allow Gamers Valuable Input

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Bethesda has blundered around with the latest game in the very popular Fallout franchise. Fallout 4 was a home run, with gamers loving pretty much everything about the game, but Fallout 76 has been ill-received by many fans of the franchise. Bethesda has seemed so far to be unable to get out of its own way and listen to players about changes the game needs to be enjoyable. However, finally, after many months since Fallout 76 launched to mixed reviews, Bethesda has announced that it is going to launch a Public Test Server (PTS).

Bethesda notes that the PTS is currently in the works and it hopes to get the server up and running in 2020. It says that once most of the kinks are worked out of the PTS, it will give details on the server and how fans can participate. Bethesda has talked about other features it wants to add in 2020. Perk Loadouts are also coming, and the feature is said to be a work in progress. Bethesda says that the feature is far enough off that it can't give details at this time. An Inside the Vault issue will detail the Perk Loadouts closer to release.
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Multi-factor authentication has been a project that the team is working on as well. They are close to enabling multi-factor authentication with a go-live target date by the end of 2019. In addition, Bethesda has the Legendary system coming in Q1 2020 after initially planning to launch the system this year. Plans for the Legendary system changed so Bethesda could work on other things.

Social menu fixes are also in the works with Bethesda saying it is aware that there is an issue preventing PC players from sending and accepting friend invites. A fix for that issue is one part of social fixes that Bethesda is looking to roll out across multiple updates. Bethesda says that it plans to cut the cooldown period between Public Events "at least in half" with the change coming in Patch 14. It remains to be seen if these changes finally make the game what fans hoped it would be. In June, Bethesda rolled out the Nuclear Winter Battle Royale mode and human NPCs.