Fallout 76 Holds Strong With 17M Gamers, Teases Map Expansion And New Content In 2024

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Five years in and Bethesda’s Fallout 76 is still resonating with gamers, with 17 million players taking a dive into the game’s Wastelanders update. Bethesda shared this information on its Fallout blog, and also went on to reveal key details about what players can look forward to in 2024 stating, “we thought this the perfect time to look forward to what’s coming next year in Appalachia.”

The game’s second installment, Atlantic City - America’s Playground, looks to have enough content to keep Fallout 76 fans busy for a while. This update will have players take on the “legendary Jersey Devil,” explore new areas, complete more story driven quests, and collect several rewards. It is currently scheduled to be released in Spring of 2024.

However, there’s even more content currently planned for later in 2024. Bethesda says “we’re expanding our map southward, deep into the wooded heartland of Shenandoah. This uncharted, once-tranquil expanse in the heart of Virginia will bring a new questline, factions and rewards.” There will also be a focus on making the game’s seasonal events a bigger part of the Fallout 76 experience, with the company promising to run even more of them.

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Bethesda isn’t going to settle with just delivering new content to players, though. It’s also promising to continue making Fallout 76 an overall better game, saying that “among all this exciting new content, we’re planning to release several additional features and improvements that benefit our avid builders and adventurers alike.”

Managing to get 17 million players to devote time to a game that’s five years old is no small feat, and shows exactly why Xbox thought Bethesda was worth the investment. Bethesda is setting up Fallout 76 for continued success with what looks like an upcoming year packed with new updates.
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