Fallout 76 Interactive Map Maker Banned For Allegedly Reporting A Bug

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Bethesda has seriously hurt its relationship with fans of the long-running Fallout franchise. Not only was the latest game in the franchise, Fallout 76, rife with bugs and issues at launch, but Bethesda also continues to make missteps in dealing with the community. The latest Bethesda blunder has been banning an interactive map maker for reporting a bug.

The group allegedly discovered a bug in the game, and once it was reported, they were banned from the game. The creator of Map76 says that the ban came after he and his group discovered a flaw that allows players to easily acquire legendary drops.

He ran experiments and eventually found the way that players were tricking the purveyor into taking caps instead of script for the legendary drops. He says after figuring out how the exploit was being done, he had performed so many changes; he was unsure what was causing it to work. He says that he started backing out changes and eventually discovered that the exploit worked only if the player changed the faction after a trade was initialized.

He said it was late after making that discovery, and he went to bed. In the meantime, someone within his group reported the exploit, and when he woke, his account was banned. It's possible that some of the misbegotten loot was in the account when Bethesda banned all that had used the exploit, and the bug finder was caught in the swipe of the ban hammer. He reports that some of the people in the group have been unbanned by Bethesda Community Moderators that are in the group, but most of the people are still banned.

He says that once banned, he asked for a refund and was denied, but the refund was later given as a special exception. The Map76 maker says that Bethesda stopped caring about the players and the game a long time ago and vowed to give up on the game, and it appears he has made good on that promise with the Map76 website closed as of writing. The last time we spoke about Fallout 76 was when Bethesda announced it would be rolling out public test servers.