Fallout 4 Bugs And Glitches Got You Down? Plow Through Them With These Workarounds

There have been so many quality games to come out this year that it's hard to tell if Bethesda's latest epic, Fallout 4, will come out on top, but it sure has a good chance to. And that's despite the fact that as with any Bethesda title at launch, Fallout 4 can prove ridiculously buggy at times. As you'd expect, Bethesda is hard at work on getting these bugs squashed, but it definitely takes time.

While some bugs are minor things we'd expect with any new game launch, some in Fallout 4 are downright maddening. A good example of one has been discussed at reddit as well as the game's official forums. In some semi-rare cases, entering a certain area will cause the game to crash without warning. On the PC, there doesn't even seem to be an error generated in the log; it's a clean exit to the desktop.

Fallout 4

Interestingly, this bug doesn't just affect the PC version of the game, though; there are confirmed reports of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players being affected as well. When this bug is encountered, it means that a certain area cannot be accessed at all. Clearly, that'd be a major impediment to gameplay.

With that being said, here are a couple of video walkthroughs that will help you bypass some of these glitches in the game and get on to your next quest:

If you do encounter problems, be sure to check out this forum thread which lists specific areas / missions where people have had issues, and potential fixes to get around them.

Ultimately, Bethesda is going to have to release a patch that directly affects this issue, and we can hope that it would be able to apply to saves already in progress. If you have yet to encounter any issues, you might do well to regularly backup multiple versions of your save, just in case.