Fall Guys To Adopt Fortnite Anti-Cheat Software As Spoilsports Invade The Game

fall guys hero 2
In the past several weeks, a game by the name of Fall Guys has taken the world by storm. Big names like PewDiePie, Dr. Disrespect, shroud, and PaymoneyWubby have been playing the jellybean parkour game on Twitch. With this kind of spotlight, a glaring cheating issue has been brought up in Fall Guys and it is now being addressed by the team behind the popular game.

Following the Dr. Disrespect versus PewDiePie matchup in Fall Guys, the game seemed to skyrocket to previously unseen highs. More recently, a Fall Guys tournament was held on Twitch by Twitch Rivals with many of the large names we mentioned. While streaming, some of these content creators caught clips of cheaters among the tournament players.

Streamer vgLeahbee was playing in the tournament and began spectating some of the final players in the match she was in. In the game Hex-A-Gone, players have to parkour over a series of hexagons which disappear to be the last player standing. vgLeahbee caught a player rather overtly cheating in the clip below:

Streamer PaymoneyWubby was also in the same tournament in a different match. Although cheated out of some events, he continued to spectate and support his team. While spectating, he caught just a simple sneaky cheater. In the game Tip Toe, players must make their way across a grid without falling through fake tiles. In the clip below, keep an eye on the number of players qualified (notice it jumped to 1 without anyone visibly finishing? Also note, there is some mild profanity in the clip.):

Even though this is just a small subset of the cheating going on, it goes to show it can happen in many ways. Subsequently, the team that makes Fall Guys, Mediatonic, apologized for all the cheating problems that have been cropping up. Also, they plan to tackle this problem head on by implementing the anti-cheat that is used in Fortnite. In the next two weeks, be on the lookout for an update for the anti-cheat system implementation, which will hopefully help the game out a lot.
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All-in-all, Fall Guys is a fun, and it is sad to see cheaters run rampant in any game. Thankfully, the team behind Fall Guys is reactive and responsive to players’ needs. It is a breath of fresh air to see that things are being done to mitigate issues and handle cheaters.