Fall Asleep During Your Favorite Show? Virgin Media Wearable Will DVR It For You

You’ve had a long day at work and have been looking forward to watching the season finale of your favorite show. Problem is, during the middle of the episode, you fell asleep and forgot to set your DVR to record it. Sure, you can wait to watch it on Netflix or wait an eternity until the re-run, but now a wearable wristband called KipstR, in conjunction with a TiVo box, will record whatever you are watching when you fall asleep.

The wristband was designed by Ryan Oliver, 15, and Jonathan Kingsley, 14, who attend Manchester Creative Studio and were commissioned by Virgin Media to develop the 3D printed device. As part of Virgin’s Switched on Futures initiative, the two teens created the KipstR that uses a pulse-oximeter, which measures blood flow and the amount of oxygen circulating through it, to detect whether or not the wearer is asleep and then copies the 
TiVo remote to record, pause, or resume a show. 

Image Credit: Virgin Media

The KipstR runs off of a lithium-polymer battery and has a push button, sleep mode indicator, and a spark core chip that processes the data from the pulse-oximeter.

“Building KipstR with Virgin Media was a brilliant challenge for us but we’ve learnt so much and are really pleased with the end result,” said Ryan Oliver. “And to top it off I now know what to get my dad for Christmas as he is always nodding off in front of the TV!”

What do you think of the KipstR? Is it the solution you are looking for to make sure you don’t miss the Doctor Who Christmas Special?