Falcon Northwest FragBox Gaming PC Breaks Cover with GTX Titans in SLI

Most computer enthusiasts know Falcon Northwest for its screaming-fast systems and high-end PC paint jobs, but LAN-party goers will tell you that Falcon Northwest pioneered the LAN-party system with its portable-but-ultra-powerful FragBox computer. The venerable gaming system took a hiatus while the Tiki micro tower enjoyed the limelight, but it looks like we’ll all be seeing a lot of the FragBox very soon – and it’s going to be carrying two Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan video cards for firepower.

The Falcon Northwest FragBox Gaming Computer With GTX Titans
The new FragBox is back, and it's bringing some friends from Nvidia. Image Credit: Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest teased the FragBox to fans with a single image on its Facebook page today. That photo shows only part of a system, but it tells the whole story. It shows the iconic FragBox handle, along with the LEDs for two GeForce GTX graphics cards. Given Falcon Northwest's success with the Tiki Ivy Bridge system (which held a single GTX Titan) it makes sense that the company would look for a way to get two Titans into a small system. Enter the FragBox, which is slightly bigger and has a different internal layout.

Falcon Northwest FragBox With Logo

Although Falcon Northwest hasn’t released many details yet, Forbes checked one out and reports that the LAN party-friendly system has an overclocked six-core Intel Extreme Edition i7 3970x (at 4.7GHz) on an Asus Rampage IV motherboard. It sounds like the system has plenty of memory (32GB, in fact), and multiple SSDs, all powered by a 1200W Silverstone PSU. Jaw-dropping pricing to come.