Fake Steve Jobs Book Tour

Though we now know the identity of the fake Steve Jobs who kept us entertained with his blog, and thus the mystery is over, the story is not.  The author of “oPtion$: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs”, Dan Lyons, is planning on going on tour.

Before you ask, we'll answer for you: Yes, the fake Steve Jobs is going on a real book tour.

“Lyons is not planning extensive travels elsewhere, however. Da Capo told him it was too late for a big tour — and, Lyons lamented, the book might bomb outside of Silicon Valley. Lyons' isn't even hopeful about his hometown of Boston.

"Being too insiderish — it's my biggest concern," Lyons told The Associated Press. "Maybe it's one of those things where if I had a couple more months to make another pass, I could find a way to make it more universal."

Lyons, who wrote "oPtion$" at night and on weekends, belted out the 248-page book in four months to get it to bookstores before the holidays.”

If you get some free time and enjoy satire, then you might find book worth reading.
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