Fake Flappy Bird Video Depicts Fiendish Final Levels

If you downloaded and played Flappy Bird before the game's developer yanked the cash cow from iTunes and Google Play in a bid to cure a growing addiction to the fiendishly difficult title, then you understand how horrifically insane it would be to reach level 900. For the sake of mobile masochism, let's say you finally made it that far and had hopes of reaching the final level, if such a thing exists. How pissed would you be if the pipes started moving, or worse yet, the developer borrowed even more tricks from Super Mario's world to bring you down?

A video on YouTube purporting to show the final stretch as a user approaches a high score of 999 has gone viral with over 2 million views over the past four days. The video is obviously fake -- the guy who uploaded it has a history of meshing visual effects with real games -- but it's also pretty awesome. Have a look:

There was speculation that the developer may have been influenced by legal threats from Nintendo in his decision to take down the game (which he refutes, by the way), but if parts of it were to really feature Piranha Plants coming out of pipes and an appearance by Mario hurling fireballs at your winged character, there would be no question about it.

As it stands, these things aren't really in the game. Nevertheless, props go out to the video's creator, Filipe Costa of Pipoca Effects, for yet another entertaining video.