Facebook's "Poke Button" Going Into Hiding, New Features Coming?

Is Facebook's iconic "Poke" button going the way of the Dodo? While we have still seen some users with the Poke button in its original place even today, it looks like it could be on their way out in future site refreshes. Or, at least one the way to a hiding place. CNET has found that their Poke button is now tucked away underneath the "Message" icon, making it that much harder to reach out and virtually nudge that special someone. But really, it makes sense. While "Poke" was always cute, it never made a whole lot of sense to us. You might as well message someone; a Poke really isn't going to do much to get their attention unless it's a physical one.

What could be interesting here is the hope of new features. Is Poke being pushed aside to make room for something else? Could a different kind of attention-getting be coming to Facebook? Check your profile and see what's left. And if it looks like the below, you best Poke someone while you still have a chance.

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