Facebook Updates Events Pages To Include Local Weather Forecasts

Facebook is a social network that's maturing before our eyes. What started as a simple way for university students to keep in touch has blossomed into a company with publicly traded stocks, and with that comes an expectation to get better, slicker, and add more features over time. Google, on the other hand, has been pushing hard to make Google+ the go-to network when planning events. After all, if you invite people who also use Google Calendar, you can see right away if there are any conflicts in scheduling.

But Facebook wants a piece of that pie as well. The company has just added a new feature that includes the weather forecast for your upcoming event, and it's also being embedded in several other spots across the site. The forecast will show up if the event is happening is under 10 days, while public pages (local parks, etc.) will also get the weather bug. It's reported that the forecasting is provided by Weather Underground -- a site that we've historically found to be more accurate than some of the other, more mainstream weather sites.

While this addition may seem subtle, this proves that Facebook is paying attention to the details. It's a sign that more subtle changes could be coming, and a year from now, all of those little tweaks could add up.